Portfolio Entry # 1

Hi everyone, I wanted to learn more about technology usage from a parent perspective. As I was researching I found a blog on the site called The blog was called Back to Basics: Raising Children in the Digital Age. After reading the article I found it interesting and got a parent’s view on what she believed on the usage of technology. As the mom feels that children spend a lot of time on technology gadgets and not have enough time to engage with their family (Freed,n.d.). The way the article connects with technology by trying to lay out the balance between the usage of technology. Technology has taken over and many children are relying on that in way to get around things and children are forgetting the authentic way of learning (Freed,n.d.). “According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, kids spend only 16 minutes a day using the computer at home for school; in contrast, younger children spend 5 ½ hours and teens 8 hours each day with entertainment screen and phone technologies” (Freed,n.d.).


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As shown in the picture different types of technology gadgets. As an ECE I find that children learn through an environment that provides rich and meaningful experiences in which they can explore and think more openly. In the field of ECE I have seen that more children are engaged in technology, I feel that children are not using the technology in a right way. In my opinion I believe that educators and parents should provide different resources where children can learn and explore and not having to dependent on technology. By collaborating with families by creating rich environment where children can learn. I also feel that children learn best when they are engaged in play that allows them to interact with others and be themselves. As the technology rapidly increases, we should provide a balance by including technology in classroom in a way that they can learn and grow from.


Freed, R. (n.d.). Back To Basics: Raising Children In The Digital Age. Retrieved October 18, 2016, from
Image Retrieved from

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