Pumpkin Activities

My pedagogical belief is that children learn through play and the importance of educators is to provide resources that will enhance the child’s growth and development. By providing open-ended materials children are able to explore and create new creations by using their imagination. As an ECE, we are there to support and encourage children and use different teaching tools to enhance children knowledge in areas that they might need further development. I believe that HighScope approach is one the best ways approach that and educator can incorporate in their program. With this approach, activities are based on the children’s interest, it provides a more hands on experience, where children are able to explore and ask open-ended questions. There is teacher-child interaction and the educator implementation activity on different development areas.


Image Retrieved from URL http://www.womansday.com/home/crafts-projects/g950/funny-pumpkin-carving-ideas/

It’s month of October, children are eager to celebrate Halloween with their family and friends. I have chosen an activity which is called pumpkin craving, “8 Fine Motor Activities with Pumpkins”. This activity focuses on the fine motor skills, cognitive skills and social skills of children. These activities are age appropriate and there are various ways to use these activities, children can use their imagination to create any kind of design of their choice.  As I would plan this activity in my classroom setting, I would provide all the resources and have open ended materials that will allow children can engage with. This activity would be child-direct and I would support them as they get involved in making the pumpkins.


Image Retrieved from URL http://www.teach-me-mommy.com/2015/11/ultimate-craft-kit-for-creative-kids.html


Image Retrieved from URL http://teaching2and3yearolds.com/fall-fine-motor-activities-for-preschoolers/




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