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In schools, educators are using technology as a teaching tool to teach lessons and there are variety of apps that help foster growth and development in children. One of the educational apps that I came across is called “Learning the ABC”, it’s an app for young children that helps and guides them to learn their alphabets. It offers variety of games that focuses on learning, re-ordering and pronouncing letters (H, n.d.). I chose to write a review for this app because well first of all this app is available and accessible for parents and educator free of any cost. This app is focused on the Early Years of children and help them in their language and literacy development in a more fun and engaging way (H, n.d.). As this app teaches basics of the alphabet, it’s easier for children to follow along. One of the strength about the app that it uses hypermedia like visuals, text, and sound that are presented nicely (Goyne, Mcdonough & Padgett, 2000, p.345).

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This app is easy to use as it only has three buttons, welcome button, store button and the quit button (H, n.d.), which make users to easily maneuver around. The app “Learning the ABC” focuses on various domains of development such as cognitive development, critical thinking, and communication skills (H, n.d.). This app will allow children to recognize the words on screen, listening to the words and pronouncing the words. As children engage in this app, it will enhance their knowledge and it’s a great way for a parent-child and teacher -child interaction, the whole point is to get involved with child as they explore various technical activities. The best feature about this app is that it has “vivid graphics, animation, video and sound that can bring concept to life” (Goyne, Mcdonough & Padgett, 2000, p.346).


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Although, this app can be used in any childcare professional or a parent as its age appropriate, there are some limitation. Some of the limitation that I came across this software is that it uses the UK English. Therefore, the pronunciation can be difficult to understand for user from Canada or any other country and they will not be able to change the setting of language. “Hypertext, a programming system that gives the author almost, unlimited freedom in linking the various parts of a software” (Goyne, Mcdonough & Padgett, 2000, p.345). As this app doesn’t let the user change the settings and has limit to options. An example from the app as the letters are used Alphabetic and not in lower case and the vase substituted to vas which is used in UK English (H, n.d.). Another limitation is that this app is only available for apple user so making it harder for people who do not have apple devices to get access. I would recommend this app to an educator in a childcare setting, as it helps promote children’s communication skills and helps increases socialization skills as they interact with other children. As some of the childcare centre have access to iPad where an educators can use this app for quiet activities and small groups.


Goyne, J. S., Mcdonough, S. K., & Padgett, D. D. (2000). Practical Guidelines for Evaluating Educational Software. The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas, 73(6), 345-348. doi:10.1080/00098650009599441

H. (n.d.). Learning the ABC for kids. Retrieved October 08, 2016, from http://

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